Beak wins an NSF grant to advance medical imaging

Despite the recent breakthroughs in AI/ML for medical imaging, these achievements have not yet yielded tangeible benefits to general clinics. The breakthroughs in AI have generated considerably heightened expectation towards the next generation patient care. In actuality, however, the constituents of the breakthroughs so far have mostly been individual research studies administered by a single, or small group of institutions, due to administrative, technical, and regulatory restrictions regarding patient data sharing.

The National Science Foundation has awarded Dr. Stephen Baek and his collaborators a new $1 million grant to develop a novel federated learning (FL) method to overcome such limitations in patient data sharing. In this project, the team led by Dr. Baek, comprised of experts in AI/ML, optimization, security, radiology, radiotherapy, and medical informatics from Stanford University, University of Chicago, Harvard University, Yale University, and Seoul National University as well as industrial leaders in medical AI such as NVIDIA Corporation will design and develop usage-inspired software platform, called ImagiQ, centered around the idea of asynchronous and decentralized federated learning.